Lil Frosh Biography: Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Life Style, Label, Contact 2020

Lil Frosh biography net worth, real age, name, lifestyle, record label, phone number, girl friend 2020
Lil Frosh

This article provides a general overview and detailed breakdown of Lil Frosh biography: net worth, real age, name, lifestyle, record label, phone number, girl friend etc this 2020. The life of the fast rising musical artist, Lil Frosh is examined up close and personal.

In our previous post, we discussed about Zinoleesky biography including various aspects of his life.

Lil Frosh Biography

Lil Frosh is a Nigerian rapper, song writer, singer and a performing artist currently based in Lagos. He is mostly known to rap in his native tongue, Yoruba. The rapper came into the lime light after releasing several freestyles on Instagram just like his close friend, Zinoleeksy which ultimately got shared to other platforms. Lil Frosh also goes by various street accepted slangs such as “Eruku Makanaki“, “Firi Yahoo” etc.

Lil Frosh’s break through song was the controversial track, “Firi Yahoo” featuring the street ambassador, Small Doctor where he delivered and poured out mind blowing punchlines. The song was an accelerator to his popularity and even earned him a lot of commendations from several Nigerian celebrities.

What is Lil Frosh Real/Full Name?

The rapper who goes by the stage name Lil Frosh is also called “Eruku Makanaki”.

Lil Frosh occupation and music Profile

He is a rapper, singer, songwriter and a stage performer.

Where did Lil Frosh go to School?

Lil Frosh attended the Boys Secondary School at Agege, Lagos.

This was the same secondary school his friend Zinoleesky also went to which explains how they met and became close since their interests where aligned.

Lil Frosh biography net worth, real age, name, lifestyle, record label, phone number, girl friend 2020
Lil Frosh

What is Lil Frosh Real Age?

Lil Frosh was born in Lagos on the 13th of June. His exact age has not yet been ascertained as at the time of writing this article but rumors as it that it is between the ages of 17- 25 years old.

Lil Frosh Record Label

On Wednesday, 4th of September, 2019, Lil Frosh released a song titled, “Davido“. Prior to dropping this jam, he was not signed to any record label. He depended on the money gotten from shows, performances, sales of his song through various platforms etc to fund his music career.

In a space of a month and a few weeks, He got signed to Davido whom was the title of his song. Was this why Davido noticed him? Was this the reason why he got signed?

Or was it because he his a naturally talented rapper that knows his stuff? What do you think?….

On Friday, 25th of October, 2019, Lil frosh got signed to Davido’s PA record label, Aloma Music Worldwide (AMW), an imprint under the flagship of Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). The good news was shared by Davido via his official Twitter page late on that same Friday.

There are a few speculations out there as to if Lil Frosh is actually under Davido. Well, since Davido owns DMW and AMW is under DMW, technically, Lil Frosh is still signed under him.

Lil Frosh biography net worth, real age, name, lifestyle, record label, phone number, girl friend 2020
Aloma Music Worldwide (AMW) signs Lil Frosh

Lil Frosh Lifestyle

The rapper has a very unique and easily recognized mode of dressing which quickly sets him apart from others.

He is known for his glossy blonde hair and his love for accessories such as Wrist chains, watches, neck chains etc.

Lil Frosh Music friends and family

It is no secret that Lil Frosh is more closer to Zinoleesky than any of his friends and other music artist out there. They are so close that they frequently feature on each other’s freestyles and he even collaborated with Zinoleesky on his hit song, “Who Knows“.

According to an interview hosted by Cool Fm Nigeria during the month of May, 2019, the two friends, Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh disclosed that they have been music friends for about 5 years but both have been doing music separately on their own before they met.

As we all normally see in their freestyle videos, there always consist of a group of guys that serves as backup and motivation (ginger). When questioned if they were his friends and how many they are, he said “we are a cycle of 8 friends including Ibradosky, myself and Zinoleesky“.

He said back in the days, his friends only call him “Frosh” because he was obviously Frosh. He woke up one day and then decided to add “Lil” to it and it rhymed together. Lil Frosh added that it was “Small Doctor” himself that reached out to him via the comment section on Instagram to be part of the song “Firi Yahoo” which eventually turned into a success.

Lil Frosh further disclosed that despite how close himself and Zinoleesky are, they usually engage in frequent fights and arguments. When asked what caused the fights, was it women or money? They both laughed and said no. But said while laughing, the normal domestic basic fights such as “It is you and is watching plate today. It is you that will sweep. No na me dey cook, you, you will sweep.

Lil Frosh Net Worth 2020

According to a channel on YouTube, Lil frosh is said to be worth about $200,000 after been signed to AMW. (Not Yet Confirmed).

Mehn, see money. Wizkid should please come and sign me o. Am very talented…lol

What is Lil Frosh Phone Number and Email?

Currently, Lil Frosh phone number has not been made public but will be available among those whom are close to him.

Lil Frosh Social Media Handles

Due to his consistent release of his creative and trending freestyles on the internet, Lil Frosh has managed to acquire a large base of loyal followers on his social media accounts.

You can link up with the rapper via the information below;

Official Instagram: @LhilFrosh

Twitter: @Lhil_Frosh

Who is Lil Frosh Girlfriend?

Currently, we don’t know if he has a girlfriend. And if you don’t mind, you can offer him your own as a loyal fan…… LOL (Just kidding)

Latest Lil Frosh Songs 2020

Some of the songs released by Lil Frosh includes but not limited to the following below;

Firi Yahoo




Carry ur Baka

Firi Yoyo


Life on the street

Who Knows



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